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Academy Billiards Association (ABA)

UPDATE - due to construction delays, start of the ABA is postponed, start date TBD.

The ABA runs for about 6 months, and culminates in a showdown of the best teams vying to be named winner of the Palmetto Cup and the first place prize money. Read on to learn more.

ABA Teams
  • Players' skill brackets: minimum of 2 each, maximum of 3 each of the following brackets:

    • Novice: FargoRate 0 - 324​

    • Intermediate: FargoRate 325 - 499

    • Advanced: FargoRate 500+ 

    • If you do not have a FargoRate, one will be assigned. Other league's skill level can serve as a guide.

  • The Team Captain is responsible for the development of the team, and strategy of player selection during games. The Captain must also secure fees from all players and turn them in to the ABA League Operator, as well as ensure proper scorekeeping procedures are carried out.

  • Team names and logos are established; there are 12 teams per division, and 4 divisions in the league.

  • Players can either sign up together (a pre-built team), or individually select a division and team. If necessary, the League Operator will assign players to teams to fill them out.

ABA Play
  • Your game night is comprised of three periods. Each period has a/an:

    • Novice-Novice match (race to 2)

    • Intermediate-Intermediate match (race to 3)

    • Advanced-Advanced match (race to 4)

  • ​Lag determines who breaks the first rack of each match

  • Racker's choice - 8-ball, 9-ball, or 10-ball

  • One point per winning rack

  • Tally points for all matches to get game final points. 

  • Games will be entered in LMS to be FargoRated.

  • Time outs should not exceed 60 seconds. One time out per player per rack regardless of skill bracket.

ABA Seasons
  • Each season lasts approximately 6 months (25 weeks including playoffs and finals).​

  • League cost is $25 per week per player. Each player owes $25/week regardless of whether they play in a match that week.

  • Payments can be made via the Team Captain weekly, or if paying in advance, monthly or for the entire regular season.

  • Fees are to be collected during playoffs only from the teams who earned a spot in playoffs.

  • Regular season lasts 22 weeks. 

  • The top 8 teams per division (32 teams total) will compete in playoffs, weeks 23 through 25.

  • Final Four matchup and the Palmetto Cup championship finishes the weekend of the 25th week.

Division 1 - Monday Nights

Division 2 - Tuesday Nights

Division 3 - Wednesday Nights

Division 4 - Thursday Nights

ABA Registration

Thank you for signing up!

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